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The truffle is an underground mushroom that develops and grows underground near trees or shrubs with which it lives in symbiosis and draws fundamental nutrients for its development; it appears as a “tuber” of generally globular shape, the external part of which can be smooth or wrinkled (depending on the variety), is called peridium while the internal part which has characteristic marbled veins is called gleba.

The presence of truffles is linked to that of tree species such as oaks, poplars, willows, limes, pines, hazels, rockroses, both within woods and as isolated plants or in rows. In its various species the Truffle develops throughout the year, however each variety has a seasonal period and a specific growth environment which causes their scent and their taste to differ from species to species.

The different species

Precious White Truffle
(Tuber magnatum Pico)

The most prized, with an unmistakable scent.
Ripening and harvest period: from 1 October to 15 January.

Bianchetto or Marzuolo Truffle
(Tuber albidum Pico o Tuber borchii)

It is recognized by its small size and garlicky scent

Ripening and Harvest period: from January 10th to April 30th.

Black Summer Truffle or Scorzone
(Tuber aestivum Vitt.)

It is recognized by the characteristic warty peridium (hence the name scorzone) with hazel-colored gleba.

Ripening and harvesting period: from 1 May to 30 September.

Winter Black Truffle
(Tuber uncinatum Chatin)

With smaller warts and late maturation compared to scorzone but with very similar characteristics.

Ripening and harvest period: from 1 October to 31 December.

Precious Black Truffle
(Tuber melanosporum Vitt.)

Black in color and black-purple glebe with white veins, sweet and delicate scent.

Ripening and Harvest period: from November 15th to March 15th.

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